Order my Steps

Psa 119:133  Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

The Psalmist says: order my steps in thy word; here, King David speaks a language that is militarish in tone, he doesn’t use mild or affectionate words, but the word most esteemed in the vocabulary of the armed forces: order.

Consider the irony of a King becoming a soldier in the presence of the King of Kings, God. If a Mighty king like David shows the humility and courage to  become a solider, then how much more are we to follow in the steps of David.

Order my steps, for the book of samuel says obedience is better than sacrifice.

Order my steps: what I need to do, what I need to say, where I need to be. Order O Lord…order my steps for I know not what I ought to do.

But there is something that preceedes the order from God, our knowledge of the word. For David says: order my steps in thy word. We can never know for sure if the order is from God untill we know the word.

The word: read it, meditate it, and devour it until it is written on our hearts, not with a pen of iron and with the point of a diamond,  but with the Holy Spirit, never to be erased. Read it loud, read it slow, sing it, talk it, love it, and most importantly, absorb it. The word has power; slowly but surely you will be transformed.

The word is what will set us free, read it , understand it, and know it to take orders from it, iniquity, then, will have no dominion over us.


The Kingdom,

Vinod Joy

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